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Art of the Celts

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Art of the Celts

Celtic art is the first important contribution made by the peoples of Northern Europe to European art. In this book, masterpieces of Celtic art covering fourteen centuries from its origins in the early 7th century B.C. to its late blossoming in Irish book illumination in the period around A.D. 700 are presented. The exceptional pieces exemplifying this art are selected from all over Europe, from Scotland to Hungary. The puzzling and highly developed ornamental repertoire of the Celts is elucidated and made intelligible through original archaeological finds, diagrams and computer simulations. Table of Contents

1. Who Are the Celts? What Is Art?
2. At the Sources of the Danube: 7th to 5th Centuries B.C.
3. Italy, the Balkans and Asia Minor: 5th to 3rd Centuries B.C.
4. In the Heart of Europe: 2nd Century B.C. to 1 A..D
5. Gaul and Germania: 1 AD to 4th Century A.D.
6. British Isles and Ireland: 1 AD to 8th Century A.D.
7. From Athens to Ireland: A Summary

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