Collected Stories

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Wydawca/Producent: Penguin Books
Kod produktu: 9780141196770

Dodatkowe informacje

Autor Isaac Bashevis Singer
Wydawnictwo Penguin Books
Tłumaczenie angielskie
ISBN 9780141196770
Format 130 x30 x 200
Oprawa miękka
Rok wydania 2011
Ilość stron 610


Isaac Bashevis Singer's work explores humanity in all of its guises. This collection of forty-seven short stories, selected by Singer himself from across the whole of his career, brings together the best of his writing. From the supernatural 'Taibele and Her Demon' to the poignant 'The Unseen', and from gentle humour in 'Gimpel the Fool' to tragedy with 'Yentl the Yeshiva Boy', these tales explore good and evil, passion and restraint, religious fervour and personal failings, within the traditional shtetls of pre-war Eastern Europe and post-war America.

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