Regulations of



  1. General provisions

    1\. The online store is operated by the company ART BOOKSTORE Sp. z.o.o with its registered office in Warsaw (02-707) at ul. Puławska 113A, entered to the register of business entities maintained by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS number
    0000372209, having NIP tax identification number: 5272643559and REGON number142708559, with the share capital of 750,000.00 złotys, email:, telephone: 606 684 395


2\. Ordering party (hereinafter also referred to as the CLIENT) may be an individual who is of age, a legal person or organization unit without legal personality, who after the correct completion of the registration procedure in the service, has gained access to services offered by ART BOOKSTORE.


3\. Placing an order at the online store ART BOOKSTORE shall mean that the CLIENT accepts rules of sale, following from these Regulations and undertakes to observe the same.


II. Placing orders

1\. Orders may be placed with the use of an order form on the store’s website as well as by email to the address: .


2\. ART BOOKSTORE shall not be liable for provision of incorrect details by the Ordering party.


3\. ART BOOKSTORE informs that personal data provided by the CLIENT is gathered voluntarily, shall be used for the registration of the order and shall not be made available to anyone except in the cases of mandatory provision of information specified in the provisions of law and when the Ordering party gives its consent. In accordance with the act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data (consolidated text: Journal of Laws 2015, item 2135, 2281 as amended), the Ordering party shall have the right to review and correct his data.


4\. Placing of an offer by the CLIENT shall be each time confirmed by ART BOOKSTORE within 48 hours from the moment of receipt of information on placing of the offer by the Ordering party. Confirmation shall not constitute the declaration of will on part of ART BOOKSTORE as regards the acceptance of the Ordering party’s offer and shall have only informational purpose.


III. Payments

1\. Prices of books, gadgets and services are provided on the website of ART BOOKSTORE, are expressed in PLN and constitute gross prices (inclusive of VAT tax).


2\. Listed prices do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the civil law.

3\. At the request of the CLIENT, submitted before the dispatch of goods, a VAT invoice shall be issued for each order. For this purpose, the order form should include all details required for issuing of the VAT invoice. Any mistakes in the details of the VAT invoice should be reported within 7 days from the date of receipt of the invoice under the pain that the complaint shall not be recognized.


4\. Ordering party can make the payment by selecting one of the following methods of payment:


a) payment card – via online service available at the address; ART BOOKSTORE shall not bear any liability in the case where the Ordering party has used a payment card held by the entity which did not agree for the use of his/her card.

b) wire transfer to the bank account of


ul. Piękna 1A
00-477 Warszawa

mBank 36 1140 2062 0000 5642 3400 1001

Payment shall be deemed completed at the moment when the ART BOOKSTORE’s account is credited with the payment.

If the wire transfer is selected as a method of payment instead of PayU on, the Ordering party should inform the personnel of ART BOOKSTORE of this fact at the telephone number +48 882 669 444, in order to speed up the order processing procedure.


c) cash or payment card at store

IV. Realization of an order

1\. Order shall be realized provided that the selected item is available in the store’s warehouse.


2\. Our store reserves the right to refuse to realize an order at any stage of its realization in exceptional cases, such as due to material economic or logistical reasons. In particular this applies to the case where as a result of a mistake or technical defect there is an apparent and glaring difference between the price and the presented item with the reality. CLIENT shall always be informed of such case in advance by the store’s personnel.

3\. Ordered goods shall be delivered to the place specified by the CLIENT at his cost. Terms and possibility of sending goods abroad shall always be agreed on individually with the CLIENT.


4\. Goods may be delivered by apaczka courier services, by post or may be collected personally by the Ordering party.


5\. Period of realization of the order is usually 7 business days and starts:

a) from the moment ART BOOKSTORE has confirmed the purchase offer – in the case where the method of payment is cash or payment card on collection.

b) from the moment bank account of ART BOOKSTORE is credited – in the case where the Ordering party’s selected method of payment is wire transfer or payment card via


6\. In the case where it is not possible to complete the delivery within the time limits specified above, ART. BOOKSTORE shall promptly contact the CLIENT informing him on the expected date of completion of the order.


V. Receipt of goods


1\. When receiving the package in the presence of a courier, the CLIENT should examine the external condition of the package as well as condition of items included in the package.


2\. In the event of discovery of any damage to the item at the time of its receipt, the CLIENT shall be obligated to undertake the following actions:

a) prepare a written report on the damage of the package in the presence of a courier or in any other manner normally accepted by a given courier.

b) submit a complaint with a courier, following the general rules of carriage applicable for the carrier, and in particular in a correct form and within the prescribed time limit,

c) inform ART BOOKSTORE on the situation by phone or email.


3\. In the case where the CLIENT has accepted the package without objections or has failed to undertake action described in par. 2 let. a-c, ART BOOKSTORE shall not be liable for any damage to the delivered items existing at the moment of their delivery.


4\. In the case where the CLIENT has failed to accept the package from the courier, which was subsequently returned by the courier to ART BOOKSTORE, ART BOOKSTORE shall not be liable for any damage or loss of the package unless it is a consequence of circumstances for which it bears sole responsibility. In such case the Ordering party shall be obligated to pay for the benefit of ART BOOKSTORE a contractual penalty in the amount of 4 times the costs of a given package within 7 days from the last day when it was possible for the Ordering Party to accept the items from the carrier.


5\. In the case where the CLIENT selected the method of personal collection and failed to collect the purchased items within 14 days, ART BOOKSTORE reserves the right to dispatch the items that have been paid for at the client’s expense.




VI. Renouncement of the agreement by the consumer


1\. CLIENT (Ordering party) shall have the right to renounce the agreement within 14 days from the date of receipt of the package, without providing any reasons for the decision, by sending a written statement to ART BOOKSTORE by email to the address: or at postal address: ART BOOKSTORE, ul. Puławska 113 A, 02-707 Warszawa


2\. In the above case the Ordering party should immediately contact ART BOOKSTORE in order to determine the detailed terms of the return of goods.


3\. ART BOOKSTORE shall refund to the Ordering party the amounts paid towards the ordered goods within 14 days from the moment of the return receipt of the package by ART BOOKSTORE, provided that none of the items shows any signs of use or damage.


VII. Grievance procedure

1\. Difference between the appearance of items delivered and items ordered, viewed at the online store’s website shall not constitute the basis for a complaint if the said difference may be the consequence of different settings (parameters) of the CLIENT’s computer monitor.


2\. Seller shall be liable with respect to the warranty for defects in the case where a physical defect of the product is discovered within two years from the date of delivery of the product to the buyer.


3\. CLIENT in order to exercise his rights following from the liability of ART BOOKSTORE for the discrepancy between the content of the package and the agreement, should submit to ART BOOKSTORE a relevant notice and contact ART BOOKSTORE in order to determine the details of the grievance proceedings.


4\. Notice of discrepancy between the content of the package and the agreement should include: order number, name of item, circumstances justifying the complaint, including the description of a possible inconsistency (defect), identification of the moment of non-compliance with the agreement and a consent for processing of CLIENT’s personal data for the purposes of grievance procedure.


5\. Complaints regarding the liability of ART. BOOKSTORE with respect to the discrepancy between the consumer goods and the agreement should be reported at the email address:, , in writing to the address: ART BOOKSTORE, ul. Puławska 113A, 02-707 Warszawa or personally in one of the stores within the ART BOOKSTORE network.


6\. ART BOOKSTORE shall only be liable for the expenses incurred by the Ordering party in connection with the realization of the complaint if the reported discrepancy between the realized order and the agreement actually exists.

VIII. Final provisions

1\. Any disputes in connection with realization of orders between the online store ART BOOKSTORE and the Ordering party shall be initially resolved by way of negotiations with the intention to resolve the dispute amicably. However if this proves impossible or the resolution does not satisfy any of the parties, any disputes shall be resolved by the common court in Warsaw.


2\. Descriptions and photos of the items originate from the database which constitutes the property of ART BOOKSTORE.


3\. Unless permitted by law or unless it follows from the consent of the copyright holder, any reproduction of items, in particular reproduction of gadgets with images of paintings or parts thereof is strictly prohibited.





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