Frank De Mulder Heaven

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Wydawca/Producent: teNeues
Kod produktu: 9783832732875

Dodatkowe informacje

Autor Frank de Mulder
Wydawnictwo teNeues
Tłumaczenie angielskie
ISBN 9783832732875
Format 279 x 381 mm
Oprawa twarda
Rok wydania 2015
Ilość stron 168


Frank De Mulder is synonymous with erotic photography of the highest caliber. Known as a leader in his field, he endeavours to connect us with each model's unique personality. All his images are both highly original and sensually compelling. This season marks the publication of the fourth book of his critically acclaimed and internationally renowned nude photography. Entitled Heaven, those who browse these pages will certainly enter a fantastical realm. Thoroughly charged with eroticism, these works have a sophistication few others approach. Each composition is complex, combining a daring spirit with a nuanced sensibility. As you'd expect from De Mulder, the settings are exotic, the models are some of the most stunning in the world, with narratives intriguing and provocative.

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