In the same city, under the same sky...

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Autor Anna Konik
ISBN 9788360713037
Oprawa miękka
Rok wydania 2016
Ilość stron 366


The book is a collection of thirty-five histories, which make up the soundtrack of Anna Konik’s video project In the same city, under the same sky..., recorded in response to the reluctance towards immigrants and the tragedies that accompany their journey to Europe. A collection of testimonies of immigrants from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Burma, Palestine, Turkey, Kurdistan, The Congo, Romania, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Somalia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ecuador, as well as Romani women has been collected in a book, which documents their fate. The book consists of five parts, and each of them of seven stories. The first part was recorded in 2011 in Stockholm, the second in 2012 in Białystok. Another part was realized in 2013 in Romania, mainly in Bucharest; a fourth part arose simultaneously in Istanbul, and the last, in Nantes at the turning point of 2014 and 2015.

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