Jan Dziaczkowski. Collages

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„Jan Dziaczkowski’s collages permeate with the atmosphere of past eras. These creations thrive on fragments of works by known and unknown masters, combined with finesse and taste. Dziaczkowski’s collages surprise with their humorous contrast of the juxtaposed elements, giving the images created this way new meanings and various moods” – wrote Mieczysław Wasilewski in the introduction to the first publication devoted to the artist's creations, who was in his mid 20s at the time. (Ha!art, Kraków, 2007).

In 2014, the Kraków Foundation for Visual Arts published another collection of the unusual collages by Dziaczkowski, who died tragically in September 2011 while climbing in the Tatra mountains. After his death, this foundation, in collaboration with his heirs, undertook the task of taking care of the artist’s creative output, including archiving, digitising and promoting his works.

Jan Dziaczkowski – Collages / Jan Dziaczkowski – Kolaże contains 148 reproductions of works from the artist’s most important series: Keine Grenze, Japanese Monster Movies, Mountains for Warsaw / Góry dla Warszawy and Sztuka polska XX wieku / 20th Century Polish Art. The texts in the publication were written by renowned international critics: Jan Verwoert, Brian Dillon, and Stach Szabłowski of the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. Nakład: 500 egz. w wersji polskiej + 500 egz. w wersji angielskiej. Tekst: culture.pl

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