On Apples. 40 Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

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Wydawca/Producent: Full Meal
Kod produktu: 9788393978267

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Autor Eliza Mórawska
Wydawnictwo Full Meal
ISBN 9788393978267
Format 20 x 28 cm
Oprawa miękka
Rok wydania 204
Ilość stron 144


I love apples with an absolute love. When I feel sad, I grab a few apples in a bowl on the kitchen table, I pare the usually lightly creased apple skin, I chope the pulp, I flavour it with cinnamon and sugar and I make the apple pie. Or I carve it inside, I fill it up with a confection made of raw egg yolk and sugar and I bake it. When I'm hungry and I need some food which will satisfy me, I buy a duck in order to prepare it in a traditional Polish way. Thanks to apples I lightly break the blandness of vegetables, soups or sauces. And in the season I buy all the varieties I will manage to find. In the book about apples I collected all my favorite recipes. - Below there is an excerpt of the book introduction "O jablkach" written by Eliza Mórawska, the author of the White Plate blog.

The book is published with noble Munken Lynx Arctic Paper. The book contains 40 author's recipes of Eliza Mórawska divided into such departments as: breakfast, dinner, supper, dessert, illustrated. The book contents very climatic photographs of Krzysztof Kozanowski.

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