Spain: The Cookbook

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Wydawca/Producent: Phaidon
Kod produktu: 9780714872445

Dodatkowe informacje

Autor Simone and Inés Ortega
Wydawnictwo Phaidon
ISBN 9780714872445
Format 27 x 18 cm
Oprawa twarda
Rok wydania 2016
Ilość stron 976


The bestselling book on traditional and authentic Spanish home cooking. (Previously published as 1080 Recipes)

Spanish cooks have trusted and relied upon this bible of traditional home cooking ever since it was first published over 40 years ago. True to its original title (1080 recetas de cocina) it contains a comprehensive collection of 1080 authentic Spanish recipes, covering everything from tortilla to bacalao.

As well as its simple, easy-to-follow recipes, there are also menu plans, cooking tips, and a glossary and the book is fully illustrated throughout with specially commissioned photographs and over 500 illustrations by the famous Spanish graphic designer and illustrator, Javier Mariscal. This bestselling classic is a friendly and approachable book for all home cooks and covers every Spanish dish you could wish to make.

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