The Art of Watercolour - Sztuka Akwareli

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Dodatkowe informacje

Autor Michał Suffczyński
Wydawnictwo ATENA
ISBN 9788385894330
Format 250 × 250 mm
Oprawa miękka
Rok wydania 2017
Ilość stron 204


In the realm of watercolour Michał Suffczyński has attained a rarely seen excellence, visual inquisitiveness and mastery of the watercolour technique where composition and detail are concerned. [...] It is not only a set of beautiful watercolours, but also a didactic goal; the correctly understood role of an experienced academic of Warsaw’s architectural faculty. It contains a conviction that apart from knowledge, the understanding architecture in its entirety is based on the art of seeing and experiencing. And this is attained though the study of drawing and painting.

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