The Ringelblum Archive : Annihilation - Day by Day

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Wydawca/Producent: Karta Centre
Kod produktu: 9788361283102

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Autor ed. Marta Markowska
Wydawnictwo Karta Centre
Tłumaczenie angielskie
ISBN 9788361283102
Oprawa twarda
Rok wydania 2008
Ilość stron 236


Annihilation - day by day is a unique archival undertaking, which was set in motion by a group of people belonging to "Oneg Shabbat". On the initiative of Emanuel Ringelblum, the people involved in this underground organisation took up the challenge of documenting in detail the life of Jews during the II World War, and thei extermination. The material which has been preserved contains a unique collection of accounts, memoir, diares, letters received in the ghetto, reports, official documents... originating in the Warsaw Ghetto. The selection of accounts written by Emanuel Ringelblum and by his associates, illustrated by particularly revealing and often shocking documents, gives a moment-by-moment insight into the process of the Annihilation which was then taking place. Thanks to the extraordinary offorts of "Oneg Shabbat", which went far beyond anything one might expect from the realities of wartime, we are able to make direct contact with those times.

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